Section Meeting Committee

    Duties of the Committee include planning, organizing, and operating the meetings of the Wisconsin Section. This includes arranging for a speaker/program, arranging the venue/location, planning the menu, and handling signup and check in at the meeting.


    Rahel Desalegne

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    Jennifer Kobryn

    Strand Associates, Inc

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    Committee Guidelines/Bylaws

    SECTION 1: ”Name of Committee”
    Section Meetings Committee

    SECTION 2: ”Committee Chair”
    Currently committee members determine chair. No chair rotation or schedule exists. Typically a rotation occurs naturally after a year or two when the committee leader either steps down or prefers to shed some of the duties. Should a member of the committee desire to take over leadership roles after a few years, any discussion or inquiry is welcome.

    SECTION 3: “Committee Members”
    Recruitment - Typically an annual announcement is made, either at a section meeting and/or in the newsletter, to encourage any interested members to join the committee. This also serves as a reminder that the committee is always open to any input or ideas that any members may have.

    SECTION 4: “Mission Statement”
    To plan, organize, and conduct nine (9) local section meetings annually for members of the Wisconsin Section ITE. To foster professional networking and technology and project information sharing through various coordinated social opportunities throughout the year. The group will offer any local planning assistance for district or national meetings (3).

    SECTION 5: ”Responsibilities”
    Deliverables - Meeting notices, to be delivered prior to each meeting by email and snail mail, providing time for members to make reservations to attend.

    Budgets - There is no committee budget. The essence of the financial workings of the committee is to break even (or at least not lose money) with every local section meeting. All costs are determined month-to-month based on the meal costs at each of the facilities.