Harvey Shebesta Scholarship Award Committee

    The Harvey Shebesta award is presented annually by the Section to encourage students to consider Transportation Engineering in their studies and career aspirations through financial support.

    The award is typically given to students who’ve demonstrated interest and are likely to work in the transportation field. The Scholarship consists of an award of $1,500, which is used to offset educational costs.

    Current Vice President

    Committee Guidelines/Bylaws
    SECTION 1: “Name of Committee”
    Harvey Shebesta Scholarship

    SECTION 2: “Committee Chair“
    The Vice President of the Section Serves as Chair.

    SECTION 3: “Committee Members”
    The Vice President solicits input from 2 to 5 additional section members to review, and judge the applications and the specific criteria.

    SECTION 4: “Mission Statement”
    The Harvey Shebesta Scholarship was created to encourage students to pursue a career in transportation. The award was named for Harvey Shebesta, the founding member of the WI Section of ITE in 1966.

    SECTION 5: “Eligibility”
    Any student enrolled in a university in the state of Wisconsin, either a full-time undergraduate or graduate with coursework and career goals emphasizing transportation. The application includes a nomination by a faculty member and no more than 2 students can be nominated from each school.

    SECTION 6: “Committee Responsibilities”
    1. Deliverables – Solicit, review and recommend the scholarship application on an annual basis. Solicitation should begin in January as soon as the students arrive for the spring semester and continue through the early part of April. The applications should be provided to the faculty advisors and eligibility requirements listed in the yearbook, on the web and in Section newsletter. A due date of late April will be on the applications so that they can be properly reviewed for presentation at the May ITE meeting. Applications should be reviewed an objective scoring system. (A sample rating system and award application is attached as supplemental information.)
    2. Budget - $1,525. (Scholarship award of $1,500 plus $25 for certificate or plaque)
    3. Have award certificate made for presentation to winner at May ITE meeting. Coordinate with section treasure to have check presented to recipient in September following receipt of proof of enrollment in a conforming program.